Integration with key card, POS & accounting systems

Why make it hard on yourself? Creating key cards can be such an easy thing. Bookingplanner can create them for you with one touch of a button. Instantly and for the right room and correct period, thanks to our integrations with several key card systems.

Turn your accounting into child's play as well. Bookingplanner can send information from your invoices to several accounting sofware packages.

Do you have a bar or restaurant? And you want to give your guest one nice, joint bill at the end of the stay? Bookingplanner can connect with several POS systems, allowing you to put F&B charges on the room bill!

Well-organised reports with practical information

Financial reports

You can consult more financial reports in Bookingplanner, such as invoices, credit notes or open balances which will give you a clear view of the financial status of your accommodation. Moreover, Bookingplanner also offers reports which can be asked by public authorities, such as a city tax report. 

Housekeeping reports

Thanks to housekeeping reports you can give your cleaning team information regarding specific requests. Thanks to these reports you can inform your cleaning team about extra beds, when the sheets have to be changed or when a legionella control is necessary. This makes it easier for your cleaning team to work and also improves the experience of the customers.

Management reports

The Management report shows the figures and compares them with those of the previous year. For fire safery reasons, you will also have to be able to provide a list with the names of the clients which are staying at your hotel.

The Occupancy rate report shows whether your pricing strategy needs to be adjusted.  This allows you to adapt your marketing strategy and increase your revenue.

In addition, there are other reports such as the breakfast list, the arrival list or departure list that are useful as a checklist for you and your staff!

Clear overview of your reservations

The Planboard shows you all reservations per room per day. This wy you can see in a clear way the guests who arrive a certain day and which rooms are not occupied. Thanks to a discreet logo, you also immediately know through which booking  site the room has been reservered. And with just one click, you can view the booking details to add extras or to check the guest in and out. 

Personalised e-mail templates

Automatically send personalised e-mails thanks to the E-mailinglist connection. This is a module that sends templates to selected clients. Thanks to these templates you do not have to type the same e-mail over and over again. By using parameters, certain pieces of text, such as names, can be extracted from the data of the person to whom the e-mail will be sent.