Faster and easier management thanks to integrations

Simplify the management of your accommodation even more thanks to the extensive integration possibilities of Bookingplanner. Stardekk offers hotel software which can be connected to Bookingplanner, but Stardekk also works together with other partners that make management even easier. 

Cubilis Channel Manager & Booking Engine

You can manually enter reservations made by phone, e-mail or walk-ings in Bookingplanner. If you want to automatically register bookings from your booking sites (OTAs), you will have to connect to a Channel Manager. Bookingplanner can be connected to Cubilis Channel Manager & Booking Engine. This will make sure that all reservations are automatically entered in Bookingplanner. Availability and prices are also automatically updated thanks to the 2-way connection. 


Automate the contact with your guests and still keep it personal thanks to the E-mailinglist integration. Draw up template e-mails for birthdays, instructions or brochures and add parameters that will make sure the right name is filled in on the right e-mail. By using template e-mails you can increase the guest experience which will increase the possibility than your guests will return. 


The connections with Point of Sale (POS) systems allows that you can place restaurant bills on the bill of the room. Thanks to the possibility of connecting with POS systems you can save a lot of administration and the guest does not have to receive and pay multiple bills. During check-out the guest will only receive a clear overview of all the costs of his stay. 


The integration of keycard systems in Bookingplanner allows you to make room keys in a couple of seconds. During check-in Bookingplanner asks you if you would like to make a key. The room number and the duration of the stay are automatically taken from the reservation details which ensures that the room key is always made for the correct room and correct duration of the stay.


Forward you invoices thanks to accounting software. Because of this you do not need to print out papers and you do not need to carry a lot of files. All invoices in Bookingplanner are forwarded to your accounting partner.