Bookingplanner simplifies and accelerates the management of your accommodation. Next to managing reservations, Bookingplanner also offers other functionalities that simplify the daily management of your property. Below you can see a list with some of the functionalities Bookingplanner has to offer. 

Connection with Cubilis Channel Manager

By connecting Bookingplanner to Cubilis Channel Manager all the reservations are automatically imported into Bookingplanner. Availability and prices are automatically updated thanks to the 2-way connection. 

Automatic room allocation

Reservations are automatically imported into Bookingplanner and they are, if configured, automatically allocated to a room. 

Connexion with POS, accounting, mailing & keycard software

Next to a Property Management System (PMS) there are also other software that can simplify the management of an accommodation. We can connect and integrate different software to Bookingplanner ensuring that managing becomes even more simple.

Cleaning list

Print out reports for your cleaning team and inform them about certain wishes and remarks. This way you can easily inform your cleaning team about rooms needing an extra bed, when the linen have to be changed or when there has to be a present on the room for special occasions. 

Fast check-in/check-out

In Bookingplanner you can check-in/check-out your guests on three different places: dashboard, planboard and in the reservation sheet. 

Extensive reporting

Consult reports regarding finances and occupancy. Thanks to the multiple reports you have all the information and insights you need to change your pricing strategy and policy and you can also provide organisations with reports regarding city tax figures. 

Fast invoicing

All necessary information needed to create invoices are automatically taken from the reservation sheet in Bookingplanner. This is why invoices are made in just a matter of seconds.

Flexible user rights

Give the corerct user rights to your staff. By giving your staff members certain user rights you can avoid errors.

Template messages

Simplify the contact between you and your guests by using e-mail templates. These are messages that are created in advance and they are automatically sent on a predefined time. You can set up this template e-mail according to your wishes by using your signature and images. This way the communication with your guests remains personal. 

Multifunctional overview

The planboard shows you a clear overview of all rooms and reservations. You can move reservations to other rooms, check-in/check-out a guest, close rooms and add reservations manually on the planboard. 

Different currencies

You can choose the type of currency that you want to work with in Bookingplanner. This currency will also be used on the invoices.

PCI Compliant

Bookingplanner is PCI Compliant. This means that all information regarding credit cards and personal data is saved in a safe way. Thanks to the measures Stardekk takes to comply to these security standards, Bookingplanner has received the PCI Compliant label.

Labels and guest profiles

 Use labels to quickly see special remarks. Use the possibility to make a directory with guest profiles in which you can save all the information of your guests. This helps you giving your guests information which will satisfy them and you can also increase the guest experience of returning guests by listing to their previous remarks.